It was about us!

Look at her ratings,” Trump said during a speech near Cleveland, referring to the comedy’s star and his vocal supporter, Roseanne Barr. “They were unbelievable. … and it was about us.”

The show, in which Barr plays a blue-collar Trump voter, debuted on Tuesday and performed best in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Cincinnati, Ohio, and Kansas City, Missouri, respectively, all in states that Trump won in the 2016 presidential election.
This is the reality of a Property Developer cum Reality TV in the White House who is using his soundbite ‘ You’re fired!’ in his administration almost as much as he did on the ‘Apprentice’ .
What kind of reality is it when the heir of a billionaire property developer not only identifies himself as the spokesperson of blue collar America but apparently believes that her returning show – the epitome of blue collar America – is somehow ‘all about us ‘- meaning him ?

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