That Hostage Video

There has been a theory that the No 10 video on the passing of the EU Withdrawal Bill has all the hallmarks of a ‘Hostage Video’.

The uneasy eyes imploring us for help .

Unable to break away from the oppressive hold her Brexiteer captors  have over her as she reads a script they have prepared for her.

The Three Brexiteers have returned to centre stage with the help of their willing and still uncritical accomplices the BBC

Bog Rolls and Full British Brexit

But no strategy still

And no plan.

More bluster and assertion  – Boris is all Bog Rolls and Full British Brexit. Literally.

Liam Fox proclaims No Deal as he points the shotgun at his own foot hoping that the spread of pellets as he fires will somehow cause the EU to back down 

Blazing Brexit

It’s the least credible threat since the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles threatened to shoot himself 

David Davis long time advocate of how the German Car Manufacturers would insist on a good deal for the UK is left deflated by BMW .

The man who  used to be famous for being able to swagger while sitting down is a shadow of his former self 

And all the while BBC seems ready to welcome the Brexiteers to counter the news of Business announcements with more bluff , bluster and assertion. At least Evan Davis did challenge the endlessly vacuous statements of Peter Bone .But why was that editorial approach not followed across the BBC ?

Prisoner of Her Own Red Lines

But the only thing that Mrs May is prisoner of is her own red lines.

And it is the country that is being held hostage not her.

There is an easy solution to this national hostage crisis. If Mrs May had the courage to recognise the  Brexit Shambles  for which she is responsible the impending disaster could be averted.

What Was the Will of the People?

The will of the people is trumpeted as the reason why our Article 50 Notice cannot be rescinded. However it is abundantly clear that there was no settled view as to what a vote to leave actually represented. Furthermore despite the cries of the Brexiteers it  is plain  that despite Mrs May’s conscientious efforts to find a way through the contradictory commitments she has made it is simply not achievable ,except at the cost of an unprecedented act of national self harm.

End the Hostage Crisis

No responsible government with the interests  of its citizens at heart should contemplate such an act .There is overwhelming evidence which is now available to demonstrate that the Brexit  promised by Johnson, Gove , Davis , Fox (with the assistance of Farage and Banks along with unethical practices which are subject to investigation and which may be found to have been illegal) cannot be achieved other than with severe damage to our country and most of all to those who are most vulnerable .


Mrs May if she has the courage  can  end  our national hostage crisis now. For all our sakes .

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