Dorries Slams ERG

Nadine Dorries has slammed her fellow ERG members in a devastating seven point attack in a WhatsApp message generously shared through Guido Fawkes.

Anyone who has not submitted a letter calling for a confidence vote is rounded upon.

Screen Shot 2018 11 22 at 11 16 42

In particular she has the self appointed ‘senior members’ of the group in her line of fire . Sir Bernard Jenkins, Peter Lilley, and John Redwood were no doubt squirming in their seats  as Nadine Dorries gave them the benefit of her political wisdom .She seems particularly motivated on behalf of newer colleagues who through the ‘senior members’s ‘ bungled strategy may now face a General Election under a Leader she evidently regards as hopeless.

Freeloaders who are members of the WhatsApp group but don’t pay their subscriptions are castigated . Overall she paints a picture of a group where people don’t pull their weight, have no grasp of strategy ,are split by factionalism ,and have no communication professionalism .

Screen Shot 2018 11 22 at 11 17 19

The only surprise here for anyone outside the ERG is that Nadine Dorries is right about something at last.

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