Alchemy of Brexit

Brexiteers are the Modern Day Alchemists .

Alchemy , the faux science of converting base metal into gold , was banned by the Act Against Multipliers  1404

The Act passed on 13 January 1404 was prompted by concern that the fad for Alchemy with its propensity for separating fools from their money was having a detrimental health on the nation’s financial well being .

The practice depended on honest citizens being gulled by Alchemists using persuasive blandishments dressed up to appeal to their emotions and instincts that a better life was within their grasp if they could just break free from the shackles of conventional thinking to part with their wealth and security .

Brilliantly satirised in Ben Jonson’s play – The Alchemist – the anniversary of the Act Against Multipliers prompted the obvious comparison between Alchemists and Brexiteers .

Turning my mind back to school I realised the parallel ran closer than I had realised at first sight. Not only is the practice of the Brexiteers similar to that of the Alchemists it turns out there are obvious similarities between the Dramatis Personae of Johnson’s play and our current troubling and less amusing drama .

In fact looking at the cast of a recent production one can see remarkable similarities .Sadly the Act Against Multipliers has been repealed . We appear to be devoid of legal protection against the Brexiteers .

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