Farage’s Brussels Prisoner Scam

Originally , 100 years ago it was the Spanish Prisoner Scam . More recently it has become the 419 scam – named after the section of Nigerian Criminal Code that covers fraud .

You know the form . Help me now and we can share in untold riches to which I alone have access .

In the original version a man from a wealthy family held in prison in Spain only needs modest financial assistance to secure his release whereupon he will have access to his inheritance and will reward you generously for your help .

Farage poses as a man who has been held in the European Parliament against his will for the last 20 years . It is a dreadful experience for him and for you . His release from it , if you could just help him now , will bring about that most precious benefit: freedom. Freedom to reclaim former glories denied to us by the Bureaucrats of Brussels.

Farage has added a twist . It is akin to the Spanish Prisoner , or 419 scammer saying the riches were truly there but are being withheld by a conspiracy of bankers who are cheating you and him out of what should be yours .

In Farage’s Brussels Prisoner Scam it’s the Westminster Elite and their friends in the media . It takes brazen cheek to a new level for Farage to indict the media when the Brexiteer Press have adopted the Brexit Party with enthusiasm .The broadcasters with their preoccupation for false balance are following the agenda set by press .

Finally Farage is confident that the Regulators are so slow to act , and their tools and sanctions so inadequate to the task that his objective will have been achieved before anyone lays a glove on him .

The Brussels Prisoner Scam – that’s one hell of a scam

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