Yellowhammer : Reasons Not To Be Cheerful

The Prime Minister thinks the negativity about a No Deal Brexit has been wildly overdone . Read the Civil Service Advice – which the Government has refused to publish – and decide whether he is right .

Operation Yellowhammer contains likely , basic , reasonable assumptions . It is not the worst case . 

In other news Dominic Cummings continues to drive £100m No Deal publicity campaign. Publishing Operation Yellowhammer and associated reports informs the public , and is considerably less expensive .

Johnson must level with the public about his undemocratic and damaging intention to crash out of EU with No Deal , for no better principal reason than that the  Conservative Government has been unable to command the support of the Conservative Party for the Withdrawal Agreement it negotiated and then resiled from . 

The country faces a heavy price for its serial failures in government . Johnson should face the reality that proceeding with No Plan is a dereliction of the duty government owes to its citizens. 

A No Deal Crash Out is quite literally No Plan .

 The Man with No Plan – except pressing on without one while exhorting optimism and whistling Rule Britannia- should put country before Party .It’s time to end the uncertainty. 

Revoke Article 50 now .

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