Day 4 : Negotiation Sham

Day 4 of the Negotiation Sham . The face to face meetings were always going to be a problem for Dom  Cummings’s  Blame the Intransigent EU – while remaining entirely intransigent -Strategy .

It’s much easier to maintain it’s all the intransigent EU’s  fault from the distance of No 10.

However it’s less easy to argue unyielding inflexibility on the part of one’s counterpart face to face ,when one is received cordially and willingness is expressed to listen to one’s point of view .

Berlin and 30 Day Hole

Johnson was done up like a kipper by Merkel yesterday without her even having to try too hard . It was largely Johnson’s own doing . He saw a chance , busker that he is ,  and took it .

Seizing on her reference to 30 days as a challenge he grabbed it investing her words with far more weight than they deserved .

Breakthrough ?

No 10’s first instinct was to row back and downplay .However by the time Johnson was back in Downing St the narrative had switched to ‘Boris Breakthrough’.

Peston bought it  hook , line and sinker :

Screenshot 2019 08 23 at 17 04 18

David Davis Boosts Breakthrough

Day 4 continued with Duffer Davis on #R4Today to boost No.10’s current line – Johnson’s Breakthrough with Merkel .

Matey chat with Humphrys. Essentially two old duffers who haven’t got clue . Parade of Davis’s favourite tropes including inevitability of 11th hour blink.

Screenshot 2019 08 23 at 17 10 27

Davis dusts down the Prosperity UK Alternative Arrangements. Apparently answers have been there all along . Just EU refused to engage . Davis breezily weary of all this could have had it done and dusted but was held back by those of lesser heart and steel is the impression

Humphrys laps up the wisdom of man he is treating as old mate . Briefly in a nod to journalistic responsibility, mentions that Ireland’s Business Organisations North and South say Prosperity UK does  not represent worked up realistic solution.

Davis breezily dismisses

Impact of No Deal Crash Out he goes on is pretty much all on Ireland. Merkel missed a trick early on which she now regrets and that Varadker chap has ramped the whole thing up since he came on the scene .50/50 whether No Deal but just a bit of turbulence.

No Deal nothing competent government can’t cope with – few bumps . Merriment in studio . And presumably at No 10 in Dom’s lair . Bravura performance by Davis .

Seriously @sarahsands100-. 60 odd days to go and this is what you serve up as journalism?

Beyond belief .Cheap shot ⬇️

Screenshot 2019 08 23 at 17 13 30

Johnson Hooked on Dilemma

 So the hook Johnson/Cummings have  now impaled themselves upon is actually making a proposal.

And look what happened when they showed the hem of one yesterday.

Scrambled into rapid denial mode .

Hoping for Something to Turn Up

Show Us the Money – Boris and Dom –  to borrow a phrase . What’s the big idea?

Hannan on Newsnight showed the cupboard is bare.

The  damage Johnson has exposed himself to is denting image he has energy and answers . Has the former but not the latter . He is hoping for something to turn up . He is May with a swagger

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