Amin and Johnson’s Love of Jurisprudence

His ExcellencyPresident for LifeField MarshalAlhajiDr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE” is not best known for his love of jurisprudence .

Arguably Amin shares a number of characteristics , including a troubling relationship with the Rule of Law , with someone more current and closer to home .

Another Head of Government , also critically reliant on an adviser , shrouded in controversy , hovering somewhere between the background and the spotlight comes to mind . Who also exhibits an exaggerated regard for his own legend and a taste for Vanity Projects .

Idi Amin with his adviser Major Bob Astles ,notorious as the most hated white man in Africa

Of course the name of Idi Amin serves to conjure up the archetypical image of a despot . A man who by his daily actions exhibited a disregard for the rule of law , the constitution , democracy , accountability or any other of the building blocks of good governance .

Amin is best remembered as a mythomaniac and megalomaniac . Infatuated with his own legend which he was given to boosting at every opportunity . He went to the length of awarding himself the Victoria Cross .

He also had the megalomaniac’s appetite for Grand Projects . You may remember the scene in the ‘Last King of Scotland , where a young scottish doctor is dragooned into a hospital building project .

Last King of Scotland

Of course it would be absolutely absurd to draw any comparison between the excesses of a despot with little or no regard for the rule of law , constitutionality , or accountability with any British PM .

Until now .

Obviously pointing out that Johnson shares a taste for huge vanity projects with Amin – whether bridges across the Thames , Channel , or Irish Sea , Designer Buses , Cable Cars or Airports in the Thames Estuary – is an entirely shallow comparison made for no better reason than to heap deserved ridicule upon Johnson

And to be fair there is at least one obvious difference between them .

Idi Amin was said to have been a great royalist who held the Queen in the highest regard .

He would never have brought her into controversy and disrepute .

Unlike Johnson

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