Johnson’s ‘Reasonable Compromise’

Johnson’s New Deal or No Deal pitch will be sold as a reasonable compromise . When in fact it reneges on the commitment to No Hard Border , and cynically co-opts the Irish Government’s No Deal contingency plans as a ‘New Deal ‘

That thing you are going to have to do anyway with No Deal ……… Accept New Deal and get a few things thrown in

So the starting point is resiling from previous commitments , and the pitch puts pressure to accept a measure of last resort as a New Deal

That is Johnson’s version of a reasonable compromise

But is Cummings’s strategy unraveling? Looks like more has been leaked than Dom expected .The Emperor is at risk of going into the Conference Hall with his New Clothes looking pretty threadbare. Johnson is going to come under scrutiny quickly.

Dom is going to need all the help he can enlist from Brexit Press and ‘balanced’ broadcasters . Because if charge sticks that Johnson has put up plan he knew could never fly the ‘ Blame the EU ‘narrative collapses and the ‘ Blame for No Deal’ sticks

And the focus will be on Johnson and whether he is going to observe the law.

Footnote: the Two Borders Four Years Plan is remarkably like yesterday’s Telegraph front page story In flat contradiction of what Johnson told #NickRobinson on #R4Today

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