Brexit Day Arrives With A Whimper

‘Do or Die’ said Boris Johnson as he promised to Get Brexit Done .

We will leave EU on 31 October – No If’s , No  Buts .

Brexit Day has arrived not with the bang of departure – but a whimper from Johnson that it is not his fault .

Nigel Farage widely predicted this betrayal of his Brexit . However he is nowhere to be seen and his response has been muted – attacking the deal , not Johnson 


IMG 2145Screenshot 2019 10 31 at 09 27 07Screenshot 2019 10 31 at 09 28 00

Then Sebastian Payne popped up to confirm what was widely suspected . Farage – the man proclaiming he was changing politics for good – was holed up working on what he refers to as his Non Aggression Pact – apparently unconcerned about the term’s historical antecedence : the division of Eastern Europe between Hitler and Stalin .

Stalin4444 1Molotov RibbentropMap

So Brexiteers are faced with the man who broke his pledge ‘Do or Die’ to deliver Brexit on 31 October complaining that the failure is the fault off others , and the man who promised to hold his feet to the fire , not exposing the betrayal – but holding his tongue in the hope of striking a deal 

Screenshot 2019 10 31 at 09 30 49

Whether any deal might include a potential seat for Farage is unclear 

Screenshot 2019 10 31 at 09 44 24

Up to the day of the ‘Great Brexit Betrayal’ Johnson was being remarkably successful at hoovering up the potential Brexit Party Vote 

IMG 0459

However , as might have been expected , the sense of betrayal over Johnson’s broken promise runs deep . Half of Leave voters feel betrayed 

Screenshot 2019 10 31 at 09 52 35

Screenshot 2019 10 31 at 09 56 33

James Johnson explains graphically the nature and the extent of the sense of betray in this thread .


But so far the silence is deafening . Where are Peston and Kuennsberg?







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