The Brexiteers’ Strategy Exposed : to destroy the agreed backstop and take us over the cliff edge with “No Deal”

Seb Dance MEP did a good job of  exposing ,through his questioning of Bernard Jenkin MP , the Brexiteer strategy on Sky News on Thursday 28 June  .

It has been evident almost from the moment that the Withdrawal Agreement was made last last November the Brexiteers have been distancing themselves and talking it down .

A direct effect has been  to tighten the attention EU partners paid to the legal text as British Parliamentarians including David Davis displayed bad faith . This would not acceptable in any circumstances but is particularly dim at a sensitive time . As the two alternatives to the Backstop are increasingly revealed  as unaffordable and /or unachievable the likelihood of the Backstop being implemented and becoming the default solution has increased .

In turn this has increased the determination of the Brexiteers to put the kibosh on it .

The Brexiteers faced with the logical consequences of an agreement already made have cried foul , portraying themselves as usual as the victims of an unscrupulous and underhand EU trick .

Now their route to our Bright Brexit Future is becoming clearer by the day.

Their priority is to destroy  the possibility of an agreement being reached .

No Withdrawal Agreement : No Transition : No Backstop :  No Continuing Alignment with the EU.

They will not scruple to prevent the implementation of an agreement already made and time is on their side

The longer they can keep the Cabinet undecided the greater the chance through the passage of time that the UK crashes out without a deal

No level of economic harm and social damage is too high a price to pay for the Brexiteers